All orders must be in either 6 or 12 can increments. This allows for the most effective packaging

The product weight for a 6 can or 12 can package is heavy, approximating 8 to 15 pounds,

We have tried other shipping methods and found that Fed Ex and UPS works the best for our shipping process. As a small company, we have elected to only use one shipping carrier to simplify our shipping needs.

We are always looking to expand where our products are sold. However, it is a slow process convincing grocery retailers to add new products into markets where the Stokes brand is not known. So remember to tell all of your friends about Stokes, as that helps us get into new markets. Feel free to call us if you have questions regarding where our products are sold.

Yes, our products are interchangeable in the recipes. The thickness and consistency of our sauces makes substituting different flavors and varieties very easy. Stokes sauces can be used as an ingredient, cooking sauce or a pour over. So have fun and let your imagination go wild.

Always remember to “Pour on the Stokes Flavor!”

The green chiles used in our sauces come from the Hatch Valley in New Mexico. Many people refer to the Hatch Valley as the chile capital of the United States. Grown at a 4,000 ft. elevation, the rich soil, hot days and cool nights help the chile peppers develop their wonderful texture and flavor.

We love to hear how people use Stokes products. You can submit your recipe via email or

regular mail.


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Stokes reserves the right to determine which recipes to post to the website.