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Our signature Green Chile Sauce with Pork is a mild creamy sauce with fire roasted green chiles and pork.  It is great poured over for a burrito or as just “a bowl of green” with warm flour tortillas on the side.  Green Chile Sauce with Pork is also flavorful on burgers, chicken, eggs, potatoes and pasta.  Our Green Chile Sauce with Pork is a natural recipe substitute for any cream soup.








6-pack, 12-pack

Can Size

15 ounce cans


  1. Jladyblu56

    I love love this sauce. I first tried this in Colorado with my Aunt before it was sold in Montana. This is a regular staple in my home and we eat this almost once a week. Nice mild flavor. Highly recommend.

  2. kpohlmann

    We love this sauce. Lived in Colorado, moved to Arkansas and noooooo Stokes of any kind! We were heartbroken. Had to wait until we went back to Colorado for visits or have family mail us some because at that time Stokes wasn’t online nor mailing orders. No need to wait a year or wait for family to acquire our order now!!! We have since shared this tasty product with friends in Arkansas and they love it…Too bad it isn’t in the stores here 🙁 So, now I’m off to place my order because I’ve ran out again! LOL You will not be sorry when you’ve had this with your meals, there are so many things one can do with these sauces. Love Love Love!!!

  3. jrerules

    This is the most amazing green chile sauce! I discovered it years ago and refuse to use anything else! I use it for anything from huevos ranchero to smothered burritos! There is always a few cans in my cupboard! I just love this sauce!

  4. caren7746

    Love all of your sauces Got started when I was in Colo.but can not find them in Nebraska Wish someone carried them here

  5. emily.gillings127

    This sauce is fantastic over burritos, in dip, and over eggs. The perfect taste of home! The sauce is savory, not spicy, and full of flavor!

  6. designmoxe

    This sauce…my husband is born and raised Coloradoan. He introduced me to the Stokes Green Chile when we were dating. It’s part of our family heritage…burritos with Stokes Green Chile sauce poured over it. We’ve raised our kids with it. And then an unfortunate event happened. My husband lost his job in Colorado and we had to move to Texas. I have SEARCHED EVERYWHERE for Stokes. I found a few cans at Sprouts when we first got here in 2014, but then I went back they didn’t have it anymore!!! So now every time we go home to Colorado we stock up until our next trip…and our friends and family bring it to us when they visit—and send cans of it in care packages to make us not feel so homesick. We use it over eggs also…

  7. mark

    I discovered Stokes Green Chili Sauce at least 20 years ago in a grocery store in California when I wanted to make chunky pork in green chili sauce for burritos. I made a couple of batches a few months ago and was in heaven.

    I’ll be ordering several more cans tomorrow.

  8. Samantha Fenske (verified owner)

    We special order this in because we crave it so much. This green chili on top of cheese fries is amazing!

  9. bigguytundra (verified owner)

    I’ve been buying this and loving it for several years now since I saw my first can on the shelf at the store while shopping. The last few years I’ve been buying it online since I’m now disabled and can’t make it to the store. I eat this plain, over fast food burritos, I mix in extra pork and rice and make my own burritos, and many other ways. Great stuff.

  10. steveparker264 (verified owner)

    Does it get any better. We love this stuff. Just bought a case online since we cant find it in Texas after moving from Denver. We were in Denver a few months back on vacation and brought some home. mmm good.

  11. marknjennycunningham1998

    Grow up on this but moved from Colorado to Oklahoma in 95. No stores sell and when you go to a restaurant and ask for green sauce they bring you red very disappointed. Now we have to order online. Love it.

  12. dmhouse

    I’m lucky to live in Highlands Ranch, Colorado and be able to get all Stokes products any time I want. I love the Green Chile Sauce with Pork. It has been a staple in my home since graduating from college and getting married. I put it on eggs, burritos and even chili rellenos. Take a tortilla and put some refried beans in it along with a chili relleno and sprinkle some cheddar or gruyere cheese on top. Now roll up the tortilla like a burrito and smother in Stokes Green Chile Sauce with Pork. Heat in the microwave for 40-80 seconds until the Chile sauce is bubbling hot. It’s delicious.

  13. buzardsbrew (verified owner)

    Well I live in Maine and you can’t find it up here so I have to order it. I use to live in Colorado and first used the Green Chili with Pork, although it’s not homemade it is tasty and and fast and easy to use on the spur of the moment. It’s better than anything I’ve found and ben using it for more than ten years.

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